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SF Sonic 35 Ah Battery | FS1440-35L

  • FS1440-35L 35AH
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  • Free Delivery & Installation
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  • SF Sonic Flash Start (35 Ah)
  • FS1440-35L
  • 24 Months Free of Cost + 24 Months Pro Rata
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  • Note: Your Old Battery Should be of Same AH Capacity as the New Battery Ordered. If not Price with Old Battery Take Back will differ. For help Call +91-9660343547

SF Sonic Flash Start – FS1440-35L 35AH Battery Description

These batteries come equipped with a hybrid alloy system. Thus, they can resist the worst of weather conditions. No matter what the temperatures are, these batteries won’t give up on you. Also, these are made specifically for the Indian market as the weather can get rough any time. There is a dual plate separation which prevents and absorbs shocks and vibration. These batteries come factory charged, so you can use it directly. Also, a zero maintenance is needed. A Float Guide shows the electrolyte level and protects against any harmful gas and fumes.


  • The battery capacity is 35 Ah.
  • The batteries are flat type
  • The dimensions are 197 mm * 129 mm * 227 mm
  • There is left layout
  • The batteries are pre charged
  • A float guide shows the electrolyte level
  • Zero maintenance is needed
  • Dual plate separation provides shock absorption.
  • Suited for Indian weather conditions

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